To the Groove


My songstress


In the music of the night
I closed my eyes and wondered: what you would do with my love? Could you handle being loved by me? do you hope I love you? What do my loving mean to you? Without words, how would you show me, you love being loved by me?

In the music of the same night
I felt a lullaby in my heart as my mind drifted on the realization of a dream coming true. Without consent my lips curved into a smile. The thought of crossing the finish line to arms made to hug me and lips designed to meet mine. That’s amazing!!! The time of torment will be erased. The frustration of keeping desire on a chain will prove well worth it. O’passion of mine that’s boiling like lava at the bottom of a volcano, you’ll get your chance to erupt. The Great Phoenix, will see to that and much more. Beautiful! Beautiful! The realization of a dream coming true. Wonderful! Wonderful! to beat the odds. It’s not by my power. What simple man or army could defeat the universe? An army of men have trouble with a forest wildfire. Ours is only simmering and it still burns. Ours still burns and I can hear the crackling.


In the groove

2 thoughts on “To the Groove

  1. Oh Tony , what a sincere letter … It feels it has dedication … Pure love is easy to recognize from the heart of the reader and we all fall in love with it … Like easy wind in the spring that holds a promise for a hot summer this letter holds a promise for a new love near to come … And it starts with ‘a bouquet of love questions’ … lucky your songstress … I can easily picture this …

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    • In love letters, i tend to write others emotions or the type of love I desire. That is the power of writing. It is therapeutic to write about where you are going or how things are going to be, even if you don’t have it yet… thank you for reading and commenting…you refreshing and encouraging.


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