I love words, I love writing, I love the art of expression! Expression through the lens of a camera, expression through paintings, expression through craftsmanship and expression that is deliberately not harmful. I am a self-proclaimed poet, therapeutic writer, seeker of truth, serenity, and understanding.

I am social and anti-social. I am a conversationalist. I am love, I am hope, and I am significant. I am a survivor.

I’ve been redeemed, restored, delivered and healed. I’ve mentally, emotionally and spiritually been in the pit of despair, renounced fear, announced faith and accepted God’s amazing grace.

How old I am is not relevant, but what I have learned is. How I look is not relevant, but how I see me is. What my ethnicity is matters only to those that are divisive or looking to prove a point. My bottom line statement on everything is: We are all Humans, what is detrimental for this HUMAN to live is also DETRIMENTAL for other HUMANS to live.

Just know and believe, My Words come from a heart that loves people and want to see others healed.