Unveiled but Not Revealed

On a silent night                                                                                                                             When I was engulfed in dark clouds                                                                                Pondering on the essence of faith seen and unseen
My inner-voice thundered to me:

Focus not on the actual that earthly minds can calculate
Dive into the universal lake of nature.
The divine is of all that is created and recreated
Like season are to nature
Mankind is to cycles…
There’s a flow that shouldn’t be disturbed
The price of suffering will be at hand
And yet I tell you – there’s no higher learning
Without suffering…

Wisdom then should be a bed of comfort
Knowledge without common-sense is a lover
That is………………destined to be-head you…

Everything you see, you can’t hear—lightning?
Everything you hear, you can’t see—thunder?

Do your eyes and ears deceive you?
Do you see me with your eyes?
Do you hear me with your ears?

One doesn’t have great evidence to
Believe nothing.!?
This is knowing the unknown
This is not knowing the known…

25 thoughts on “Unveiled but Not Revealed

  1. Whoa. Such a profound last stanza! Such thoughts assembled provide a strong framework for midnight climbing. My upper body strength is not quite there but I’m ready for the challenge of your musings. Nice!

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    • Thanks Diana, I was challenged with this! It is so much there, that I have not untangled. I did not know what I wrote until my pen rested. lol…my moment of going insane to gain sanity. by the way i love your metaphoric response.

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  2. It’s really something when we begin to unravel on the page and words scatter, hopefully in a coherent way. I think you are a terrific writer – a nice variety on your blog by the way. I also like the way you unveil without revealing…. yourself 🙂

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  3. yes it is something. I am humbled by a writer of your magnitude to graciously consider me a terrific writer. you have me especially smiling with the title mirroring me! Absolutely, some read and a few translate… you are like me, you have a shovel!


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