Book Published 2017
Reflections: A Mindful Journey
This is an open invitation! Memoirs written in metaphoric and poetic narratives. Expressing feelings, discovering truth and challenging life.

Book published 2018
Reflections: There Will Be No Pity Party
Poetry that reflects a journey through life. poetry that motivates, uplifts and celebrate life and living regardless of the trouble that comes with living. No pity party, bring balloons for a celebration

Book published 2019
It Matters: See, Hear & Say
Walking by faith not by sight, does not mean to be blind. It means we trust Jesus in where he is leading us. We trust if we acknowledge him in all our ways and lean not on our own understanding, he will direct our paths. Therefore, like Peter we begin to walk where we never thought possible but begin to sink when the sound and sight of the world grabs our attention. So, in passing and in every direction keep your eyes on Jesus, your ears attentive to the good shepherd and speak an empowering word over your life!