Sowing in Love to Reap

Moving in Faith
Operating in love
Speaking with a tongue moist in Proverbs
Touching with a hand sweating in kindness
Seeing with eyes wailing up in compassion

As I…… am mindful
of my personal shortcomings
As I…… am conscious of the favor, I found
the unmerited favor
the unwarranted favor

Now my soul says yes!
YES! to being a blessing…

who shall I injure
who shall I payback
There is nothing to gain

I sow in Love
and Reap joy and peace…

17 thoughts on “Sowing in Love to Reap

    • Infinite living have left a infinite comment. You drive home pieces of the poem that grab me as well. You are a friend and supporter of a soul that wants to sour. You give wings to fly. Know that I appreciate you and what you stand for. Thanks a million times over

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank for I’ve been illuminated by the appreciation you mirror through your comments…The best of all is fellow human. You have given me my flowers while I live! From my heart to your heart thank you


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