2017 Reflection

I reflect on what I use to neglect, that which life taught me to respect!

Reflecting back on 2017, I started this year off believing this was the year of Faith or Fear. I declared that I would choose faith. Fear is an enemy that I have to destroy every chance I get. Fear is a prison I did not commit a crime to be in. However, my freedom can only come by way of faith that is spiritual and rooted in the ground of truth.

With that said, I made a list of things that God would empower me to accomplish. It did not necessarily require anything from someone specific. At least not in my mind. Therefore, there was no expectations put on any one outside of myself and God. My list had 4 items. Guess What? All 4 were accomplished. Glory be to God!

I have published a book of Memoirs written in metaphoric and poetic narratives. I call the genre of style I used poetic prose. However, I received help on this endeavor from unlikely sources. They were not picked by me. Everyone worked in my place of employment. That is a story in itself.

I have my SAC-IT (Substance Abuse Counselor In Training License). I was pushed by two of my instructors and encouraged by several of my classmates. Fear almost prevailed, due to my indiscretions of the past. Also, all the information that is required to be licensed can feel like over-kill. Nevertheless, I strangled fear and pressed on.

I now have my Bachelors Degree in Human Services (concentration: Addiction Studies). Lord knows I wanted to quit several times. The serenity prayer truly came in handy. I finished my last semester with a 4.0.

Lastly to be a better steward of my Time, Talents and Treasure. Truly it has gotten better. My giving increased and reached beyond the church. My time of idleness was cut-back (still much room for improvement). My talents are being used in a way that is beneficial for others.

I had to be pushed pass procrastination at times, I had to be pulled out the pit of doubt on several occasions, and I had to be carried through the storms of distractions/discontentment. Through it all, I prayed to God in the name of Jesus and gave God praise.

Everything I have is a gift… I did not choose to be a poet/writer! I can not choose how long I will live! God Almighty has allowed me to be and given me another year.

18 thoughts on “2017 Reflection

  1. Have a great year… It took me more years than it should have to get over the fear, to walk past the what ifs and the I’m not good enough… Despite being encouraged by the few people I like to call my ‘ soul tribe’… But finally, and yes, with help from loved ones, I have dared to look beyond the dark clouds of despair to the ray of light… Your post resonated quite a bit with me. Thank you
    ❤ keep writing.. !

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    • Thank you and I wish the same for you in this year. I also have to say I appreciate you for taking the time to read my post. I’m glad this resonated with you as well. If you would be so kind, It would be an honor and pleasure to join the soul tribe. I desire to see your work in print reaching a wider audience. Again thank you

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