Children’s Hospital

Hello fellow bloggers. I send a shout out to Children’s Hospital. Why? For 3 years they have cared for my son. He was diagnosed with Leukemia and yesterday was his last day of treatment. Every visit I left with appreciation for what the nurses and Doctors do. I can’t say they didn’t have trouble, problems or issues of their own, but I can say it never showed up in my presence. They put my son first, his healing, his feelings and well-being. I do not take that lightly. We have all experienced poor customer service, one time or another. I can honestly say, Children’s Hospital was exceptional. From the information desk all the way up. I thank God for their ability to put patients first and family too. Some may climb the ladder of that is what they should do. However, the reality is, we can not say what should be done is always done no matter the position. I don’t take kindness for granted. Just because some one is kind, does not mean they have to be kind to me. So Children Hospital along with God, made me and my son battle against Leukemia pleasant as possible.

28 thoughts on “Children’s Hospital

  1. Oh very sorry to hear about this . I can imagine how difficult was this battle for your son and also how difficult time was for you as a parent. I really hope that the suffering of your son and yours here ends. Thank God that he is now good.

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  2. God is good! And So, apparently, are the people you worked with at Children’s Hospital!! I like how you said you dont take kindness for granted.
    May your son continue to experience good health and may you all be blessed with many kindnesses!! ☀️

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  3. Speaking on behalf of myself and fellow hospital coworkers everywhere , I wanted to extend gratitude. Many of us pour ourselves into our work with empathy and daily dedication. To get such a shout out for our efforts is a wonderful thing.
    Hugs to you and your family, kind Sir. 🌹

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  4. God is awesome and His presence is felt through so many people in so many ways. It touches my heart to read and feel how blessed you know that you and your son truly are. You are correct, just because we should be treated with respect and dignity doesn’t mean we will be—and for your family to witness firsthand the love and care expressed from every team member at Children’s Hospital, makes me emotional. The staff “covered” you and through their actions they reassured you that your child would get the best of all they had to offer; I can only imagine how much of a relief it was for you, because then you could focus on being the dad your son needs you to be. Thank you for sharing!

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  5. Praise God for His provisions, His healing, and His many kindness… as well as the ones He send through strangers.
    Praising God for all He has done for your son! Keeping Him in prayer, and you as well!

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