Legacy of Words

How shall I be remembered
What have I spoken
Has it enriched life or strangled hope
Have the words polluted the air
Or made the environment breathe easy…

How shall I be remembered
As Christian philosopher
What great quote have I offered
I speak now not to be written off
I speak now, that I might remember
There is a day my own words will testify
Against me or for me
They will be the world’s offense or my defense…

How shall I be remembered
As a Joyful Poet
That used adverbs to question
The quality of life
That used adjectives
Describing the beauty of life
That used nouns
Informing people they are significant
That used verbs
For the call of action: Be encouraged.

The philosopher in me speaks
The poet in me writes & recites
By that which is spoken or recited
By me, Will I…
Will I want it to be remembered?
And what will they say
About that which I offered.

My legacy is Words
And settle by the word
When I am gone
My words shall remain!