Beautiful is not trendy

Fitting the mold of a lie
The mirror lied to us all
I recall the rise and the fall
only with the truth can one stand tall…

I knew of a dynamite woman
that struggled with her self

Locked in the mirror
things became blurrier
not clearer
For vanity and sanity drew nearer…

Each day a fashion rose
thoughts to decompose
that opposed
Her creator
the one that does not use carbon paper
creates each with their own unique flavor

So what evoked strange plastic behavior
The mirror
Seeing with worldly eyes and not the Savior…

To at last the Mirror broke
and unlike before…She spoke
“God let me see me
The way you see me
I accept your word
I have been made wonderfully“…

It is true
She is the salt of the earth
She possess flavor
She is a daughter of the most high
She has divine favor!

Now She declares,
“No more sexy seeking, do not care to hear I am a cutie
It is what it is… I am wonderful “Pure Beauty”

If you do not see yourself properly, the surgery won’t change the lie that lies in your eyes. It will never be enough when you judge yourself against a changing fashion…big butt trend and tomorrow small waist line is in… Break the Mirror… cause Pretty insecure is not a sight to behold. Change your attitude and you will not be out of a boat load of money! Peace and yes you are Beautiful, if you do not believe me then ask your creator…We may act ugly, but we were beautifully made!