Your Gift Makes a Difference

My thoughts are captivated by chance
A chance of seeing hope fulfilled in dance
I dare only look with a glance
This took me captive and I desire to understand


You dance your way into our hearts
You spoke of glad sorrow from the start
Then viewed poetic essence as an art

So I
Express with no regret
Truth was my only safety net

From afar I wrestled with imagination
Turning down the sound to watch the dancing creation
The dancing to liberation
Like a whispering wind, you invited meditation
Like a wounded heart I used it for medication

The beautiful elegant movement
pounded on my heart to pulsate
I smiled and cheered as
My poetic energy began to vibrate.

This art from the heart draws
from the gift others share
This is not easy with
the burden of life we all bare

So by chance
write, paint, draw, recite or dance
It may be hope and liberating
for those of us who understand.