Beyond the Words #2

The joyful integrity of my outlook
formed by wisdom
Set free by truth

I’m now in hot pursuit
of words that dance
to music without a sound

Such a task implausible

Yet! unapologetic
Expressing for expression sake
conveying a feeling and painting a picture
with words that must formulate something
While overthrowing the suggestion
of keeping quiet

Brilliantly Bold Rebellion grows organically

These thoughts can spoil on the mind
These feelings can lead to constipation of the heart
If a poet/writer does not transform from existing to living.

No poet/writer shall conspire against self

No let your words
Radiate Relevant Reflective sparks

I welcome you to inspire me
I welcome you to challenge me to dream
I welcome you to demand universal love
I welcome you to encourage me to write and write some more

Yes I have expressed for expression sake,
but with a purpose.


Sidebar: I have had some great interactions and connections with fellow bloggers. Their styles are different, but their standing boldly in their own uniqueness and using their gift of expression has been a blessing to me and even helped me grow as a person and poet.