A Chaotic State of Mind

Signs of confusion
Begins with a special request
Of wanting to be the exclamation point
One that signifies if something
Is a shock or exciting
Sounds like a decision
To be the center of attention
Holding the real issue back
To shine the light on your ego
As you pound your chest
With falsified pride
Roaring like the king of the jungle
But wanting to be petted
Like a kitten 

Though you have been shaken
You haven’t been stirred

So, for what it is worth
Respect yourself
Step beyond
Those intricacies of drunkenness
Your words are slurred
Your actions are unbalanced

This is a private lesson
That needs to be
Saturated before used 

So, until further notice
Your little secret
Signs of confusion!!!

Note: If I scream for Justice yet I make victims out of them that cause me no harm nor allowed the injustice to take place. I am the predator and I victimize as well as the ones I called to be held accountable.
Does mourning and sorrow lead to murder or is that anger and rage? Out of frustration I may scream, but I don’t become a thief, a filthy looter nor a partaker in vandalism.
Peacefully protest, how we respond speaks more about us than them! What I say about somebody else, does not show who I am. What I do speaks of who I am. Murder has to be in your heart and a thief uses chaos to act out what is already in their heart! Peace, be still! Every man or woman has to give an account for their deeds. Be peaceful and scream justice, but cause no harm out of anger or destruction out of frustration. Again Peace!