From No Choice to Choosing (w/audio)

In the beginning I was a blank page that others wrote on
In the beginning I was a blank canvas that others painted on
In the beginning I was in empty shelf that others put things on

That beginning was not of my choice
I didn’t pick my father nor my mother
What color I would be
the size of my lips and my nose
The height I would even grow
I had no choice
I had no choice who would share the same blood that I share
And surely, I didn’t choose who would love me
In the beginning…

The blank page I was got written on
My attitude was being shaped
I heard and saw things that I should
And certainly probably should not have
No one knew
they were scripting me
writing on me
conforming me to play a role
to adapt an attitude…

I was taught confliction
Ushered affliction
Became a contradiction
Until I unraveled with Godly conviction
And set out to pave my own course
According to biblical principles


NOTE: There are things we had no control over, beliefs and perspectives that work against good living… Regardless of upbringing, we can now decide and we do not have to remain a by-product of our environment, especially if it was dysfunctional… I have been redeemed and transformed by the renewing of my mind… Peace, love and respect… thank you for reading, listening or for doing both! Now make the choice to live better!