Revisit, See & Hear

I’ve heard the ancient echoes
from moralist
Everyday strugglers

Each with their truths
survival truths
oppressive truths
and sobriety truths

Where harmony was a stranger
peace was an enemy
and simplicity was leprosy
there were moments
moments of laughter
moments of happiness
and moments of rejoicing

Those moments transpired
only when the truth
had its’ moment in glory
Therefore, somewhere in time
everybody can or have
drawn strength
from ancient echoes

Rather hypothetical
truth or myth
but we have nothing
nothing to lose
if we find common ground
become dream weavers
and confusion wranglers

So in trying times
we can keep on striving and smiling
Hearing those ancient echoes…

There is nothing new under the sun, when it comes to a time humanity was challenged and how together or individually they came through. Draw from what provides hope, resilience. Today become stubborn. Rebel against depression, reject frustration, don’t be moved from the hope that is alive. Listen, they survived and we are still surviving! In the past they faced devastating events too. What they used, we can use Love, hope and faith…Listen, pay them a visit, hear their stories, while living the story a generation of people will need in 3030. What will they hear you saying, how will they see you living. Love, peace and smiles to my human family!!!