F. E. A.R (part 1)

F alse
E xpectation
A ppearing
R eal

False — means not true/devoid of truth
you and I have bonded…true
you and I have connected beyond earthly bounds…true
me and you are survivors…true
me and you are flame throwers…true
We’re both creative….I’m witty and your clever…true
We’re both passionate…I’m poetic and your artistic…true
I want to see you smile…..You want to see me smile…true
There’s no falsehood in your touch and smile!!!

NOTE: I will be covering each letter of fear in relationship to love. Fear can not exist where there is real love. Then we can piece this all together and determine what actually is or is not! Matter fact cover this in any relationship your involved in and see how it lines up for you!!!

Thanks and Peace to all