Humanly Liberated

Brokenness is a spiritual breach
What painstaking behaviors humans repeat
What disposition comes before another defeat
What positive solution can anger teach
What theory or policy will make equality complete

We keep hoping for others to heal
Drawing lines of judgement with hearts of steel
Being manipulated by governments to kill
Demonizing other humans due to patriotic zeal.


There is an intrigue
When a civilian press through chaotic fatigue
To provide what others need
Declaring We shall be all we can be
Without a motive of greed
In peace we soldier up and in love we lead
Moving forward with kindness like a stampede

It is in spiritual awareness that we are freed
Not by protocols nor loop-holed policies
Without Constitution we stand for humanity
Cause no harm is our liberty…

Spirituality is a connection that moves beyond feeding lust and greed
Let us march on
Demanding better of ourselves.