From: Wings of the Wind

Poem from Kym Gordon Moore’s book
Title of poem: The Consciousness of When

Read by Me

When your ears stop listening
you become deaf
when your eyes stop seeing
you become blind

When your lips stop speaking wisdom
you become imprudent
when your hands stop helping
you become paralyzed

When your tongue stops tasting the flavor of life
you lose your appetite to savor how to live
when your nose stop smelling
you lose your sense of discovery

When you stop learning to love
you quickly begin to hate
when you stop being compassionate
you will become insensitive

When you disconnect with good
you open your spirit to evil
when you stop learning
you douse yourself ignorance

When your heart stops beating
your soul will depart forever…

This is a tremendous poem… it speaks to me, to never let go of the things that have served me well. It speaks to the opposite of the positive attributes that are worth holding on to and continuing to do. Kym poem reminds me not to give in and stop giving the right things my time, energy and attention. Because a day is coming that I can not control…When my heart stops beating, My soul will depart, but have I held on to love, stayed connected with good, while continuing to learn keeping my eyes open and maintain my appetite to savor how to live!!!