Imagine: What could be! (with/audio)

Let there be
a place of grace
And not one sad face
where happiness reign supreme
And not one unanswered dream….

Let there be
a castle of celebration
And not one false accusation
with cheerfulness in every room
And not one thought of doom….

Let there be
a day of devotion
And not one hour of commotion
with brighter skies
And not one action to criticize…

Let there be
a year of loving cheer
And not one month of fear
when the mind can be at ease
And not one deadly disease…


hope this works

43 thoughts on “Imagine: What could be! (with/audio)

  1. Such a peaceful and joyful poem, Tony. It’s very relaxing and heart warming to imagine all the things you’ve written. Sounds like heaven to me. Jesus prayed, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. You echo this sentiment with your words beautifully. Let it be indeed. 😊💖

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    • Tina, I felt that way while writing this poem “peaceful and Joyful” and when I recited it, energy and positive vibes shot out of me. Thank you for capturing the essence and allowing me to see it is a reflection of heaven… Hopefully the some that visit will see your wonderful comment and smile again. Thank you❤️🤗🙏 you brought more joy to me!

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    • Annabel❤️me a charming public speaker🥳! You get the compliment of the month award! my sweet lady, your kindness shall never be forgotten! I wrapped myself the warmth and sincerity of your comment. For my poetry to be veiwed from the lens of love and encouragement is awesome… Thank you ❤️🤗🙏😘

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      • WOW, I’m honoured by my new award from you!!! Haha, you warm spirit and caring nature have me enchanted and I’m sending much gratitude to you, my friend!

        looking forward to seeing your name be praised everywhere you go and on anything you write to give strength and faith for all in need….

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      • You provoke such confidence to rise in me and make me believe for greater…I so appreciate you and the visionary you are! Sitting at the table of gratitude along side you…please pass the kindness🥳!
        Sending a virtual hug and whispering in your ear…your gift has made room for you!

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      • You only speak angle words, my friend! 🥰 I am happy to know that I have raised some positive vibes in you, yet you are the gold to begin with. I only place a mirror in front of you😃🤪

        Sending back a big hug!!🤗


  2. What an inspiration you are…💛After reading your poem, I listened to the audio. Really makes such a difference to hear you read it. The words just come alive. 🙂🌷🪴

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  3. WOW my friend, don’t we all wish there could be life and a world that renders peace, joy, and happiness? 🙏🏼 Oh my gosh Mr. T, you tailored your message so profoundly, to make us think about what life could be if only we would let there be! Take your bow King T and thank you for sharing your magic with us…the magic of possibility! Of course, I have no idea why I couldn’t hear the audio version! Geez, I hate when that happens. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t! 😲😂😜🤣😆

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    • Yes Indeed! thank you for allowing me the opportunity to know This poem did what I intended to provide our minds with something to imagine that provides a smile and positive energy. I truly appreciate you and your conversing and comments that keep my poetic fire lit.
      and the laughter that helps we work on my abs🤣😆

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      • Tony, you are a real trooper my friend. Look King, I am only affirming what you already know, that you got what it takes to bring us to a higher level of awareness and positivity! Do your thang Bro’man!!! 😍😎🥰 Keep pumping those abs!!! 🏋🏽‍♂️💪🏽🏃🏽‍♂️

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