Tribute to my mother

Because there is you

I know there is love

I realize I’m love

I understand the unconditional

Because there is you

I have someone to lean on

I have someone to depend on

There’s a prayer sent to God for me

Because there is you

My future is brighter

I make plans with hope

I witness what a survivor is

Because there is you

My Mother! You have never stopped


In spite of my flaws and shortcomings….

Parenting is not east

And a stiff neck child makes it all the more difficult…

Thank you for putting up with me

Thank you for not judging me

Thank you for honoring God with your motherhood.

34 thoughts on “Tribute to my mother

  1. Oh wow King T, what a beautiful tribute to your beautiful mom. I love the way you give her, her flowers. I know she is so proud of the man you have become! Thank you for touching our hearts my dear friend with your emotionally charged sentiments! 🤗🦋👩🏽💖😘💐🦋

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