Do You Have What It Takes

In broad daylight, I stood before you emotionally stripping, looking in your eyes as I revealed scars healed and wounds fresh. I was vulnerable in a Gladiator’s Arena…I stood silent waiting for you to run. I’m glad you did not! I can not say, if I would have chased you or not…Irresistible Impulses.!?

Nevertheless, we was face to face with hungry hearts, drooling at a beggar’s banquet…Everything was like a twilight with closed caption. mentally without knowing you symbolically licked my wounds and they vanished from the desire drenched in your tongue. I attempted to go one step beyond and systematically like a foster child deprived of encouragement you folded into your cocoon. My first thought was romantic defiance: “The Evil Twin of Cupid” has struck again… I immediately fled to the room of blues. I had to tell myself to accept the truth as the truth no matter how brutal it was and no matter how it made me feel…

I meditated on the events, led deeper and deeper…when I looked beyond your eyes from a third person perspective, I blew my voice in the wind attached to your name. I knew we had made a deep connection, but I also knew I had to work with a slow hand, because I was asking you to journey into unfamiliar territory “trust a heart that had been broken” You needed to weigh your options/position and question my passion or physical hidden agenda that could exist…

There was no double talk to be found about what I felt. Only aspirations and endearment could be seen in my eyes, heard in the words I spoke and seen in the actions I displayed. However, I had to ask, “do I have what it takes to seal the deal”?

With my Warriors Honor, Man of integrity Mentality and Brave-Heart Loyalty, saturated in poetic justice, I moved on to become a dream-weaver–YES!I have what it takes, I accept the process it shall take! I myself did not get here overnight!

Side Note: This written prose, was sparked by relationships of any kind. One person has unknowingly provided for you, but your acceptance and appreciation of them scares them. No one has found them valuable nor worthwhile and the ones that did were takers and abusers. If you continue to pursue them, you must do it with your eyes wide open and know it will be a challenge. If you are needy, this person you should not pursue. And if you are needy, you are still in a process that requires someone that can love you until your breakthrough happens. However, no need to run at the first sign, the other person could just be scared and need reassurance!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post! This too is a relationship and I have been encouraged through my blogging experience and trust some of my supporters! We all can tell the authentic ones. Peace to all and may harmony exist in your mind, body and soul!

19 thoughts on “Do You Have What It Takes

  1. Is it hardest to convince ourselves that love, friendship, connection could be real. We pinch ourselves so many times we bruise, and yet we deny the marks on our own arms. I loved this insightful piece and how we really got to dive into those often hidden thoughts. Very insightful.

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    • Thank you, your comment added more understanding. I appreciate it, cause those hidden thoughts spoil, but never expire! So we have to expose them and then toss away! Have a wonderful week and remember you are appreciated๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’


  2. WOW…this blew my mind Tony:
    I immediately fled to the room of blues. I had to tell myself to accept the truth as the truth no matter how brutal it was and no matter how it made me feelโ€ฆ
    fresh wounds, scars healed, and stripped emotionally?

    My friend, I do believe you have what it takes…to survive and thrive. Thanks for taking us on a vulnerable, yet authentic journey my friend. ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜Š

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