Poetry from the Soul

My thoughts jump hurdles,
my mind is athletic…
Healing poetry
makes my heart poetic…

Poetry isn’t just genetic
passion can never be prosthetic
Love like lightning is energetic
Reading HER keeps me from pathetic…

Her soul writing isn’t cosmetic
She touched my heart and took my hand
Now I have become magnetic…

For all the poetess, that write to inspire and to encourage…know you are making a difference. Do not count the likes or the number of comments. You are making a difference!

32 thoughts on “Poetry from the Soul

  1. You are making a difference, Tony! Your poem is full of kindness, beauty, and warmth💕. Like a cup of hot tea 🍵 offered in a cold winter afternoon, I’ve found your verses mellowly comforting and utterly heart-warming….

    Have a beautiful weekend, dear friend!😃🥂

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  2. Loved the poem and thanks for the word of encouragement. When it comes to my poetry I just write what I feel from the heart. I’m going to have to get you to do a guest post for the Poetry Corner section of my website. Thanks for stopping by. Blessings and Peace!

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