If I were a book, my story would be written with a heart
I would be a love story
One filled with pages of passion
Ink stains with rushing emotional colors

A book of sensuality in which beauty is painted
So intimately & expressively that your eyes would ache
Your mouth would water
You could smell the bitter-sweetness of life
You would hear the music of the wind in the trees
The blue birds in the clear blue sky

Oh, and touch
You would feel the burn of another
Another fleeting rubbing trace
And the velvet of skin under your fingertips…

If I were a book
I could make you laugh and cry in joy
And think your heart might burst
Explode with jubilee and love

At last
My book is brimming with the emotions
And beauty of love in motion.
The passion filled love story

But if the cover cannot be opened
It is only a mystery!

20 thoughts on “If I WERE A BOOK

  1. A book of poetry, a book of heartfelt expression. The cover the title, pages etched with emotions, a little muse. Between the chapter, every penned down verse. Lines, sealed with a bit of sweat, and tears! Lovely share! Merry Christmas, my brother!

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