Joy to the World

Still fitting to know this joy. My present won’t be under the tree! Merry Christmas everyone

Reflections: A Mindful Journey

Joy of the world
didn’t come from this world
Joy was sent into the world
it was not develop in this world

Joy was created for the world
not created by the world

The creator of joy
doesn’t reside in the world
The creator of joy
resides in the hearts
In the hearts of those
that have accepted the gift!

To the world a son was given
He’s the gift that never
stops giving…
He is the Prince of Peace!!!

If you accept him
there is joyous living
outside the traditions
consumerist ambition
and circumstantial conditioning

Rejoice with a voice of triumph
Heavenly sounds
For in our hearts joy is found
and real love will abound…

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