Declaration: They Won’t Take My Joy for Living

With on-going appreciation
I declare my life is worth a celebration
I have survived many trials and tribulations
To sing the song of life, I need no justification

I simply live to rejoice…lifting my voice
Desiring peace is more than a choice
Gratefulness is a reckoning force
The truth is a freeing source

Now I reject thoughts of depression
No guilty pleasure suppression
My personal identity questions their questions
This is my secret confession
That equates to my ability to remain a blessing

So, even when the world thunders
The greedy begins to plunder
My joy won’t be part of the spoil of war
My Mind will remain a heavenly encore

When you recognize and realize I’m on to something
From yourself you will demand more
Cause there is a richness in spirit
That Love is the key to unlock that inner-room door!

Dear Readers, I have declared I will not let haters and those unsatisfied with their own lives shape me and determine my outlook on life. You will do well to always return and ask how am I living? Have I lost hope, faith and Love. What do my actions and speech say about me? What I say about others do not speak for me. What I do and say resembles my own character! Live how you think others should live. My appreciation for life is on-going and I always look to find a reason to rejoice, that is my choice! Peace!

34 thoughts on “Declaration: They Won’t Take My Joy for Living

  1. Beautifully written and so true! This is exactly the kind of attitude I wish the whole world had right now! If you can speak words of hope, faith, and love, then you can never go wrong.

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  2. I join in your rejoice and celebration of this life for my inspirations are coming together on similar notes too! How you have expressed with this song of the heart and soul is splendidly beautiful.

    I too have in my own way declared my refusal to give in to any voice from out there that take me away from my peace, truth and the universal Love for simply being granted this precious time on this planet. There is no need to prove my worthiness to have a life of ease and joy, it is up to others now to join my tune, I hold gratitude for all.

    This is a beautiful yet courageous journey and your post is an uplifting boost to those on the way.

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  3. Good for you grab tight the precious gift of life. It is something to celebrate. So many people I know have lost their lives this year, and we don’t know our tomorrow. So let go, and let God! Live in the moment! Off the hook with praise to God! Great share! 😊😎

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  4. Well said! The key to our own peace and happiness is to change the scenery of our lives from the negativity that others throw at us to the love that God gives.. Positive emotions are contagious.

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