Insight, Hindsight or Out of sight

Somebody’s child
A nobody in sight
Everybody’s wholesale therapy
Anybody’s mistake
While in hindsight
A child of purpose

Destined or destiny?

The child has the key to life
Butterfly cotton kisses
Lips to recite a dream out loud
Singing cries of the soul

Signs of a Great Arrival?

The traveling without moving
A bridge between
Going against distance
Moving right along

Goes without Saying?

A flight of the mind
Seeing the invisible
A message in the wind
Speaking forbidden words
That inspire the motivator
That encourage the hopeless hoper
That rescues the truth with compassion

Movies in the Mind?

That very child has grown
Being asked to sing it again
The somebodies’ are digital
With a loss of the stereo memories
The basis of getting back to the basics
Is not recorded…

Now who will question is that enough?

Many faces with realms of memory
Walking wounded…
Picture this!
What if,  it is YOU
The Stranger in a Strange Land

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