Peace…Breathe Slow

Peace Be Still
Keeping my peace
I think I will

I’m not part of the show,
Let it Go
Tony remember what you know
Breathe slow

How did it Go
In the storm I developed the nightly glow
Full-Moon calm…Breathe slow

Now like a river let it Flow
Softly blow…Let it Go

Out goes the negative vibes
Yes Indeed! Peace is prescribed
For those of the unified, humanity tribe

So cry, shout and sing
Peace be Still
Yes…Breathe with me… Peace be still
Keeping my peace, I think I will

I now remember what I know
Their political uproars can’t stop my flow
Full-Moon Calm….Breathe Slow

Oh Yea
There I go, I let it Go

24 thoughts on “Peace…Breathe Slow

  1. Between what you wrote here and what you wrote over at my blog, I am emotional. Tears sting my eyes. We can maintain peace, letting go of the drama that does NOT involve us. Breath is key as is attitude of mind and where we place our focus each moment of the day. Truly loved this!! Bless you for shining your light and being so honest! Bless you and thank you! xo

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