F.E.A.R (part 4)

F alse
E xpectation
A ppearing
R eal

Real — having verifiable existence: concrete, objective, tangible
the sharing of a rainbow
the comfort of being bonded
the vision that motivates
the actions that inspires
the heighten arousal of closeness
the elevated sense of becoming one
In silence I hear you
Eyes closed I see you
With distance I feel your presence

Note: See real is not something that is assume. Real is not an emotion, but it may evoke emotions. Real is something that has to fall under our sensory system. My hand has to be able to touch it, or at the very least my eyes have to be able to behold it or my flesh has to be able to feel it. Like the wind, I can’t see the wind itself, but low and behold, I can see the results of the wind itself. Love operates the same. How do I know the wind is blowing. If the leaves don’t fly, I will someone, the wind is not blowing. I have to see some evidence of it, in order for it to be real for me!!! If I follow that line of thinking, then I have to continue to use it when it comes to love, caring and other action words that are tossed around without evidence.
Before we claim something is real, it should pass some type of test!!! So if in our relationships, what makes it real.

Peace and be real!!!

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