F.E.A.R (part 3)

F alse
E xpectation
A ppearing
R eal

Appearing — to come into view: emerge, issue, materialize, show
The emergence of two hungry hearts
An oasis materializing in the dessert
A smiling creed being issued
A showing of loyalty, faith, passion, yearning and the mental faculty to be love

Note: I hope things are becoming clear! this is an evaluation. Feelings do not determine truth. Some people feel some type of way and don’t know why? So what has materialize right before your eyes. Within relationships what you see is what you get. Don’t think if that person is rude, you want get a turn! If you see that person telling lies, don’t you fool yourself and say he won’t lie to you. People develop habits! People can not just turn off character. They can only fake for so long, before the real them will appear. If this was not the case, great as Brad Pitt is and Denzel Washington at acting, they have to take several takes to get the character they are portraying right.

I go by consistency, a bad moment is just that. If you have some type of complaint all day every day, then that’s who you are! I can’t spend my every moment trying to enjoy life and explain why you should too.

Again, take inventory of what is going on in your relationships with others and yourself!!! You can’t hide who you are for long and neither can they!


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