F.E.A.R (conclusion)

F alse
E xpectation
A ppearing
R eal

False — means not true/devoid of truth
you and I have bonded…true
you and I have connected beyond earthly bounds…true
me and you are survivors…true
me and you are flame throwers…true
We’re both creative….I’m witty and your clever…true
We’re both passionate…I’m poetic and your artistic…true
I want to see you smile…..You want to see me smile…true

Expectation — to look forward to confidently
I look forward to seeing you …doesn’t scare me
I look forward to sharing soft caresses and soft kisses with you…doesn’t scare me
I look forward to having moonlit evenings with you…doesn’t scare me

Appearing — to come into view: emerge, issue, materialize, show
The emergence of two hungry hearts
An oasis materializing in the dessert
A smiling creed being issued
A showing of loyalty, faith, passion, yearning and the mental faculty to pursue love

Real — having verifiable existence: concrete, objective, tangible
the sharing of an rainbow
the comfort of being bonded
the vision that motivates
the imagination that inspires
the heighten arousal of closeness
the elevated sense of becoming one
In silence I hear you
Eyes closed I see you
With distance I feel your presence.

There’s no False Expectations Appearing Real
There’s Looking Over Verifiable Evidence
of what we share together
that leads me to believe The best is yet to come!!!

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