F. E. A. R. (part 2)

F alse
E xpectation
A ppearing
R eal

Expectation — to look forward to confidently

I look forward to seeing you …doesn’t scare me
I look forward to sharing soft caresses and soft kisses with you…doesn’t scare me
I look forward to having moonlit evenings with you…doesn’t scare me
If I am weak… your respond doesn’t scare me…you will hold me up
If I am in a state of vulnerability… you will protect me
If I make a mistake… you will not call me stupid

Note: In every relationship, there is an expectation discussed and not discussed that is there rather we want it or not. This expectation should be logical and reasonable. For example, I don’t expect my son to pay my car note. I do expect him to say thank you when I pay him his allowance! In other relationships, are we disappointed about things that should be a given. Is those we are in relationships have a positive forecast, if so, is it based on evidence? If not then we are setting ourselves up to be disappointed and it may be time to quit living in fear and end it.

I am in relationship with this blogging community and I expect some comments and likes, based on what? The kindness I have received! Peace to all and I look forward with confidence! When I can’t I will shut it down and re-evaluate my own expectations. I apply this in every relationship.

17 thoughts on “F. E. A. R. (part 2)

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. I have often told members of my family when they find themselves disappointed or angry with someone; that it is possible that they set a standard for that person that individual never demonstrated that they could meet nor asked for.

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    • Yes Indeed! I learned that and had to come to that realization myself and even when others put their expectations on me! Thank you for stopping by reading and leaving a comment! I will try my best to make part 3 just as meaningful… again much appreciation!

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  2. A wonderful follow up to part 1. If we do expecting in return, then it’s truly not worth do. It should come from the heart, the satisfaction of doing; should be ultimate joy!

    F orever
    E agerly
    A lways
    R epeat… the cycle!


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