In all languages

More than a notion, my body is in motion.
Signifying, verifying
I believe you are the one for me
With unflinching courage,
It shall be, it will be
I don’t have to ask the lonely

My evacuated heart has rested
In hands of doom.
Made love to misery in a
Painful purple padded room…


I tap danced to the rhythm of your walk
I hummed the words of your talk


Cause I once had my very own song
Going and going pleasantly strong

That is…..Until you
Barged into the silent chambers of my mind
Opening my eyes heart that was blind

In all languages, truly
I have eyes for you
I light up like a Christmas tree
Around you

Yes! You’re the co-star
Of this high impact movie.
Your down to earth
Universal, beautiful in and out
Shag me….you’re quite groovy

27 thoughts on “In all languages

  1. This is absolutely lovely! So beautifully written are your words…. So romantic and charming. Like a movie with many scenes, I can imagine every word, every beat, as you tap dance on the scene.
    InHisCare 🙏
    Yonnie 💜


  2. Just out of curiosity but is this a poem you wrote recently or one you dug up from the archives of the past? A lot of my poetry that I post is pretty recent (like I posted one I literally wrote today) since a lot of my poems from the past are from being an early teen is pretty cringeworthy haha

    Liked by 1 person

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