This isn’t going to be poetic. Just wanted to share something that is meaningful. A recognition of sorts. I met some wonderful people today from different walks of life and from other countries.

I’m a very engaging person at times. So whenever I go out, I look to find something to smile about and provide someone something to smile about.

Anyway, I was at bay shore mall, I stop in Barnes and Noble book store, which has a Starbucks (coffee shop) inside. I send one lady which is African reading a magazine. I approach her and ask if she was looking for a recommendation for a good book. She smile, then I told her I am a poet, did one of my poems. She instantly smile. I thanked her for her time and allowing me to share my poem with her. Didn’t try to sell her my book, which I had with me. ha ha! yes I carry my book every way!
Next I made my way into the Starbucks section. Seen a black couple, Asked the man was he interesting in receiving a recommendation for a good book. He smiled, I handed him my newest book “Reflections: There Will Be No Pity Party”… He loved the title, I shared how I came up with the title and how important it is to be solution minded. By this time a lady, whom I did not know her ethnicity nor where she was from, asked politely was we in line. I was busy talking, so we told her to go ahead. The couple order came. I thanked him for sharing those precious minutes with me. Yes! no one seemed to be bothered by my engaging them.
The lady was still in line, I asked her was she an active reader. She quickly said she doesn’t read. I laughed and thanked her for allowing me to ask her a question. When she smile, she had such a beautiful essence. I immediately did a piece of poetry “It’s sweet, it’s a treat, she has the type of beauty to sweep a man off his feet”… She started blushing. I told her it was true. I sensed her smile came from within. It was not about her make-up. I explained it. Then she said she wasn’t from here. She told me she was from Saudi Arabia! Then she told me people think bad of them. I showed her my about page! We are all human and told her you just met a man with love for all people. We discussed the weather difference. I offered to buy her coffee, she first declined, but I insisted, because she was kind enough to engage me in conversation, and buying her coffee was my way of showing appreciation.
Now the people I encountered today may never be seen by me again. My main point is each smile is beautiful and every encounter can be meaningful. I specifically put their ethnicity in this post because our government and including all governments make us feel a certain way about a whole race of people without ever meeting them. The people I met are just like me, have a family, work a job and want to live in peace. Not take over the world nor control someone else.
When I departed from Miss Saudi Arabia, I told her to stay beautiful and protect her essence from the ugliness of the power that be and the ignorant people that hate other people, because the government says you should.
Just put it like this… If this is the giving season…those I met today gave me a smile. Everybody, love your neighbor… your neighbor is anyone that is next to you at that very moment. My neighbors were them at Starbucks.

21 thoughts on “Acknowledging

  1. This was beautiful. Just goes to show how people from different walks of life are also connected by a common humanity of peace and good. I’m glad you also added about the girl from Saudi (I related to that one a lot). This post was heartwarming and it’d be amazing if you spun it into an equally heartwarming poem (just an idea for you) πŸ˜‰ β™₯️

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  2. Congratulations! You did just what my post was about today. You let the love that is in your heart flow out to all those around you… and now to us, around the world, who are reading your post. God bless you! Continue to love unconditionally. That kind of love is soooo infectious!! ❀

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  3. This is a very beautiful post, we are all human beings. We enjoy Engagement and Interaction without Walls is wonderful. Great Examples and Tips. Thanks for sharing! It is wonderful that you take books with you when your out. Marketing & Network ready!

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