Book Review: Reflections

A review done by Brittany. Her own opinion. She even bought the book herself… I’m grateful that she was willing to invest her time… Thanks Brittany

Brittany's Pages

40013306.jpgI am quite ashamed at how long it has taken me to read this book. But I partly blame my husband for moving this tiny book and I recently found it.

This book is for those who are struggling. If you are struggling with a mental illness, with heartbreak, with yourself, this little book of poems if for.

Gardner has created a perfect little getaway with his poetry. I consider myself an overall happy person of a sound mind and disposition, but reading Gardner’s words has caused me to do some soul searching for myself. I found myself opening up to poetry in a way I never thought I would. And thinking deep, meaningful thoughts I haven’t had in a long time.

For fear is a false expectation appearing real. . . from the darkside doubt creeps. 

Sometimes our struggle is something from within, and something we have to face.

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