Inclined Mentally Musical

There’s a song I need to sing. There’s a tune I need to hear. Dear Harmony pronounce inner-peace with the melody of a thick baseline. Truly I’m in a setting where heartfelt songs promote feelings I could pay with my blood to get away from. So please just jazz it up and maybe I’ll find or become motivated to let my own words build a bridge of excitement.

Yes! and Yes! I’m background serious. I’m simply a face in a crowd, going nowhere fast and moving somewhere slow. Yet, I feel faces staring about me and looking beyond me. Is this a vibe of a musical classic? Hip hop with no gun play blues? I would ask you or somebody to listen with me, but everybody must move on their own string and step forward or backwards with the beat of their own drum.

Did you hear that? Probably not!

I’m grooving now: Happy days are here again! Memories of a love gone has become a sobriety song. I’m sober now! Smooth Sailing like a note blown from a flute. Feeling a stream of sensation from that blazing gold plated trumpet. Eyes closed, head to the sky stuck in a blizzard of bliss.  Indeed! Yes Indeed! My mind is on a peaceful journey. My heart protected and lonely feelings rejected.

Simply Me, poetically and instrumentally flowing free

8 thoughts on “Inclined Mentally Musical

  1. Because I love music … this post truly strikes a “chord” 🙂 I like the way you write so much… it’s fresh and individual and I am never far from knocking on your door to see what you are conjuring in your word lab … bubbling test tubes with wonderful colours!

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    • Truly I am honored, I was hoping you would enjoy this one. Seeing that your poetry of has been euphonious, causing my feet to create a happy dance.
      By way you also don’t have to knock on my door it is open, it smiles upon seeing you and it opens and the royal carpet rolls out

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    • First, I must say thank you, for your support in reading my post. I am glad you love this one, it is really one of my favorites. writing it brought me of a depressive state. and Yes I have a love for music and glad we share that in common. Shari know that you are appreciated. Have a musically great week🙏🏻🖤🤗


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