Daily Prompt: Betrayed

via Daily Prompt: Betrayed

Lovely Lies Bought By Fear

Captivating thoughts in an eradicated mind
fabricated love speaking liquidated lines
overstated even debated: A heart heals with time
twisted lips that hit backward flips kill with time

Injection of Hollywood emotions:         onion tears
that disappear on the quest for sincere
The front of the final frontier
it’s a front….no endearment near
what’s crystal clear…
the overpowering of guilt and fear…

Love is what…Love is who
what is this thing love suppose to do…
Love to be used
how bout loved to be abused
A crime of passion…the heart is bruised
but rebellion wins and love is refused

12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Betrayed

  1. Deep and beautiful …It is indeed that …what love actually is, & what it is made up to be to make it look movie-like. The words and emotions that look like the same but nowhere feel the same. Knowing the difference makes all the difference.

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    • Lady Di, nothing escapes you. you are both a dynamic reader and majestic writer. Only you would notice this poem is better read out loud. I’m overjoyed to be read by you, and feel privilege. Thank you for your kindness


  2. I really like your style. Ramblings you say in another post, but beautifully done. I appreciate your heart that shines through your writing. Thanks for checking out my blog. I think God is blessed by your words.

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