A Special Place

I look out upon the world
seeing much confusion and conflict
I don’t want to share this
So I begin to write a script

Painting my world with emotions
Center my heart around love and compassion
knowing inner-peace sets the notion
that my mind can have satisfaction

I don’t have to have fame
nor do I have to share the worlds shame
I won’t play them black Friday games
Having salvation is my ultimate aim

Money, cars, jewelry, house
It can’t help save my soul
Character, morals and love for God
is my one perfect goal

I care not what the world thinks of me
I’m a slave to the peace Jesus bought me
locked and brainwashed internally
Song-fully full of praise I shall be

This is something the world
can’t steal, murder nor abolish from me
My mind and heart is free
of the fantasy….getting stuff will make me…

Guess what….

surprise! I am somebody
where I need to be
where I want to be
he prepares a table for me
in the presence of my enemies
that is heavenly

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