Emotionally Painting


Today I had a real deep desire to get away from reality. Shut everything and everybody out. I wanted to know peace beyond passion. I already recognized that passion isn’t always pleasant as it sounds. It’s not like walking through the tunnel of love. I guess the way of the world is to wait for a Cinderella day to come, instead of painting the world. That’s it!!! I’ll paint my own world using vivid emotions instead of colors. There will be dream streets, happy highways, and roads of contentment. All avenues will lead to paradise plaza. At the plaza there will be an understanding mind, caring heart and a supporting smile available.

Along the peaceful journey there will be parlors stationed to give people what is highly recommended by the love doctor; which is a stimulating smile, loving kiss, a comforting hug and a marvelous massage. There will be no spreading irritation nor frustration. Only emotional rescues! There won’t be a need to scream for love. Thoughtfulness will last all through the night. It will be vivid and fascinating leading to upbeat emotions. This will have the heart of people marveled, knowing somebody is on a mission to please and these emotions in motions are endless.

Yes! Picture a world painted through the eyes of love. Just splendid! Heaven tonight, deep in the silent chambers of the mind, where there will be a sign that reads: Can’t Be Disturbed:   Serenity, Tranquility, Peace and Joy are visiting.

9 thoughts on “Emotionally Painting

    • I must admit this piece isn’t a great write, but it served the purposed of saturating my environment. Just as your comment has done so. It makes the air fresher and I breathe easier. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!


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