I’ve measured the length of my longing and found out,                   
I can not rule out
that I’ve only become a wiser fool.
For I may not, treasure the things of the world,
but I’ve went to the Lover’s altar with my heart in hand
like an unarmed soldier, proceeding into battle.
Consequently, I never thought about the consequence of such.
This my illusive love is the poisoning of my own eyes and mind.
Though, I speak with the tongue that I knew to be of truth,
my mouth moves without reason and her blood-sister (knowledge).
See you should be my proof to despise desire
like Machiavelli I should soak in reason, while sleeping with knowledge.
But no
I walked the night on a lonely road on impulse.
Disrobing myself of what made me royalty:
Reasoning–my wise counselor,
my loyal guide,
my prudent minister of defense
and the referee of my inner workings (which is understanding).

Where does this leave me.!?

9 thoughts on “Defenseless

  1. Oh my… Just look at this! I couldn’t stop reading and now that the words have left me, I’m gripped with the thought it evoked! The imagery is mind blowing, your words quote-worthy, as usual. “Wiser fool’, “blood-sister”… Blown away am I to say the least… Your work strikes with brilliant masterstrokes! 💭📝

    Liked by 1 person

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