I’ve measured the length of my longing and found out,                   
I can not rule out
that I’ve only become a wiser fool.
For I may not, treasure the things of the world,
but I’ve went to the Lover’s altar with my heart in hand
like an unarmed soldier, proceeding into battle.
Consequently, I never thought about the consequence of such.
This my illusive love is the poisoning of my own eyes and mind.
Though, I speak with the tongue that I knew to be of truth,
my mouth moves without reason and her blood-sister (knowledge).
See you should be my proof to despise desire
like Machiavelli I should soak in reason, while sleeping with knowledge.
But no
I walked the night on a lonely road on impulse.
Disrobing myself of what made me royalty:
Reasoning–my wise counselor,
my loyal guide,
my prudent minister of defense
and the referee of my inner workings (which is understanding).

Where does this leave me.!?

11 thoughts on “Defenseless

  1. Oh my… Just look at this! I couldn’t stop reading and now that the words have left me, I’m gripped with the thought it evoked! The imagery is mind blowing, your words quote-worthy, as usual. “Wiser fool’, “blood-sister”… Blown away am I to say the least… Your work strikes with brilliant masterstrokes! 💭📝

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  2. Tony … I feel this song as a whisper of a soul that has a tear in his hand and not the dream that once looked so real … a whisper in a time when there are so many paths to walk but looking back there is no motivation to walk at all …My viewpoint is that Love doesn’t necessarily go towards predefined path no matter of our efforts and an experience as such make us grow emotionally and more selective while seeking for another smile…

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