A Kidnap Heart…Why?

This is entrapment
Her eyes hold me captive
Remembering her smile enslaves me
Yet…She holds no prisoners
Therefor my heart is on Death-row

I will not appeal
This living without her touch is torture
My nose itches for her scent
The gas chamber is what I look forward to
To hell with my 5 senses
They have conspired against my heart
A love longed for is deadly

Note: Please no I feel sorry for you comments… This is written purely from a poetic stance of many moons ago… I am happily single… I just wanted to write something different and not overload! Thanks you all for the read and for taking time out of your own busy lives…Peace and Plenty Love!

34 thoughts on “A Kidnap Heart…Why?

    • lol…I truly agree with your statement… yet sometime we do not choose the muse…it chooses us… As you may have notice from most of my post…I write from the soul of hope, love and faith…Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me Joanna… poetically TONY

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  1. This is such beautiful poetry, I appreciated it for what it is, poetically expressed emotions of intense love. Your note made me aware how it can be taken as coming personally – I realize that often I decide against posting from old drafts for not wanting to be read as anything more than creativee experession, not a reflection of my current emotion 🙂

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  2. My dear friend Tony “with a Y” 🤣😆😂 I love this:
    To hell with my 5 senses
    They have conspired against my heart

    Obviously a ransom was paid or she unchained your heart, because you “have” a heart as good as gold my friend! Loved your poem my friend! 🤗💖🥰

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    • 🤣😆😂I am glad you know it is with a Y… I done correcting✨ Not everyone was in the spelling bee…I guess that’s why I appreciate the butterflies🤣😆😂
      And yes a ransom was paid in full💖! I was pardoned! Thank you for the jovial engagement!

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      • 😂😆🤣 LOL, King T, you’re alright in my book! Some things ain’t that deep to continue repeating. Trust me, I understand…hence my first name with a “Y” and not an “i”…. and so, we move on to more important issues! 😜☘💚🌈🍻


  3. The passionate feelings and intensity in this poem are palpable! To feel at this level is no Sunday stroll, but it is from this place that memorable poetry is born. Writing dramatic poetry is not for the faint hearted! ❤️‍🔥

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    • Michele, I am so glad to be read by you… You have a keen perspective. and you are absolutely correct, this type of poetry is not for the faint hearted! Not many can even be transparent, that a love not return has been traumatic! Thanks for the descriptive that I was aiming for intense feelings, that returned intense pain!

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  4. This poem got me thinking. We don’t always get what we want, but sometimes it’s just nice to linger in that place of desirous wants. Imagine never having seen someone that you’re truly interested in. I think that would the worst tragedy of all.

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      • Ok, now I’ve got more thoughts… lol 😁

        It’s like seeing a beautiful butterfly. You may never be able to catch it, or enjoy it up close, but maybe it’s better for everyone that you don’t. The butterfly goes free without harm, more people are left to enjoy its loveliness, and you can still enjoy the memory of it in your mind.

        Reminds me of a rare butterfly I once saw. I can still see it so clearly in my mind. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another quite as beautiful. I’m one of the lucky ones though because I actually got to see it in person. Books, videos and drawings, can never quite capture the true magnificence of what we can behold in real life.

        So… hold onto those memories and always keep your eye out for more. One day that butterfly may just decide to come rest on your hand and stay awhile. 😉


  5. 💖 TONY 💖
    I soooo loved this poem my friend.
    These were “killer” words and great writing!

    “Remembering her smile enslaves me
    Yet…She holds no prisoners
    Therefor my heart is on Death-row”

    Awesome job.. next time i’m this late just tell me…”hey you’re missing out”. Didn’t realize you posted. 👏👏👏👏

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