Offering and Giving (Letter)

       Like sands of an hourglass this is a moment I would like to share with you! As this guiding light of friendship reaches out beyond the darkness to cast a reflection of hope into your mind to restore all that was and is incomplete in your life..

I offer you this gift and only wish upon a star that it touches your tender heart. This is part of a dream that has no end until it has found a new beginning and I know connecting has brought a smile to your angelic face. This is by way of the sincerity you see within the gift of friendship I’m offering and giving…

The gift of friendship truly is precious. It is like rubies, emeralds, and diamonds that we often treasure, but you and I may measure the length of time as well as the beauty these gems may hold. Yet, we also know nothing in life lasts forever that is not rooted in a divine understanding that leads to truth…

So as the world turns and we walk the shores of sincerity and honesty, there will not be a mountain we can not climb. However, if we strive to make it work, we may find a special bond and peace of mind. Especially if you allow your mind to look beyond the intricacies of the world. Please, just keep in mind, A true friend is hard to find and even harder to hold on to! I still extend my hand to you with such knowledge and lean forward with a shoulder to lean on.

Offering and Giving
A gift of Friendship

30 thoughts on “Offering and Giving (Letter)

  1. 🤝🏼🤗🤝🏼🥰🤝🏼 Thanks for the hand of friendship Tony. True friendship is a rarity for sure. You’re opening line reminds me of the soap opera opening for “The Days of Our Lives” and “As the World Turns” another soap opera from back in the day. I don’t know if they still come on TV or not. Anywho, have a wonderful evening my friend. Peace & Blessings! 🙏🏼💐💖

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    • Surely you are welcome thought provoking Kym…lol😊 I knew you would catch the soap opera inserts. We both have just aged ourselves… I don’t know if they still come on or not… My grandma loved them.
      and yes anyhow anyway, have yourself a blessed and peaceful day💐

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  2. Tony, you sure are sending some positive vibes into the universe. ✨ I trust it will come back to you tenfold! This stood out to me~ “nothing in life lasts forever that is not rooted in a divine understanding… ” I read over that a few times. It rings true. Thank you for sharing your loving and uplifting letter. Best wishes to you friend!

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    • Thanks Michele for the well wishes! and I have already been given more than I deserve. I am living in the overflow of God’s blessing!
      By the way, I sat with that line as well, and asked myself what does it mean. The divine understanding! It is something we can not prove to anyone, but something we have received deep in our soul!
      Thanks again, my inspiring poetic friend. Have a wonderful creative or relaxing weekend💖🙏🏼🌹

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  3. Beauty and generosity permeated each line! You wrote and spoke angelic words, dear friend!🌸

    I loved and resonated much with this particular line: ‘nothing in life lasts forever that is not rooted in a divine understanding that leads to truth…’ How wise and true! You are offering divine lights to earthy shadows….🙏🎊🥂

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    • How delighted I was first to see, you visited and my elation grew upon reading your elegantly expressed comment! Dear Annabel, you provide sunshine on a cloudy day and I rainbow into existence. Such kindness that speaks into the spiritual is a rarity! I am most appreciative. ❤️🤗🙏
      Thanks! I am glad you were captured by that line, because it is the essence of something stored in us that is fighting to be heard. ✨

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    • Jessica, I am glad you loved this and pick up on the integration of the soap opera. and you are absolutely right, no matter how strange things are in the world… there is still warmth to share…and matter fact we need share it even more now. Much appreciation for you reading and sharing your thoughts with me💖🙏🏼🌹

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