Stop Looking….Be Found

Have you ever stopped
Long enough to stop looking
and during this moment of stillness
Wonder if what your looking for
Is right in front of you

It may have found you
It may have been
Looking to be found

Is not a sense of belonging near
Think of such
Such is the emotions we feel
It is what we dare call love
We dare to search for
beg for
cry for
Some call themselves paying for

Is it that hard

So what the world
is moving at a cheetah’s pace
Let them sprint and miss
Let us stop and we won’t miss!

Remember that everything begins within
It starts with our own heart
We have already been found by Love
We already possess Love.

Remember life is a journey
A travel to reflect on
That quality time isn’t found with rapid feet
It is a solitude event spent in the mind.

24 thoughts on “Stop Looking….Be Found

  1. This is a beautiful tribute to love and life. Charming penned with determination, encouragement, and kindness! 💕 You are yourself an angelic spirit rarely found in this world….🙏 Thank you for sharing, caring, and daring to love…🎄🌸Have a magical Christmas 🎅

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  2. A poem filled with wonderful advice and beautifully said. Unfortunately, I struggle with a slow pace. I struggle at a snails pace…. 😂🤣😂🤣 I have not learned to relax or be patient. I wish it was as easy as your poem flows with truth. There’s definitely definitely still work to be done in me. Let’s hope and pray that some mountains will be concured this coming new year and victories won in the stillness of our minds. Have a blessed new year Tony.

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