A search for clarity in Silence

Audaciously I look forward to the future
with knowledge of the past
Adhering to the ancient echoes
Do not move to fast
or you will cry more than laugh

So take a moment to have a moment
desiring to be wrapped up in the moment
Just listening in the moment
that may provide clarity…

Note: A message to myself about the directions that are before me, after completing my Master’s program. There are several avenues I could take. My mind is in overload. So I need to quiet it and see what is whispered in my mind, dropped in my spirit and rises from my heart. Then move in faith with the God given ability I possess! So, I will not rush but soak in the accomplishment and listen!

Question: Are any of you in the middle of a transition that have several roads that could be taken! How are you dealing with making a decision about which one to initially travel?

32 thoughts on “A search for clarity in Silence

  1. I am what feels like the never-ending transition! I don’t know that am handling well or not. I pray often, more than normal. I try to keep my routines, while pushing myself out my comfort zone a bit. I just keep taking steps forward with faith that God will lay my foundation out in front of me.

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  2. Congratulations on completing your Masters! A great accomplishment and celebrations – so wonderful to soak in the joy of Here Now! I remember feeling that way, in transition and multiple pathways calling, it can get very noisy if trying to think through. I agree with your wisdom of taking the time, and silence to allow spirit’s whispers to guide you. I have now found myself settled on 2 prominent pathways, the focus alternates from one to the other, again as guided by spirit.

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  3. Your two-stanza poem offered a gift to slow down, especially since I read them twice. ๐Ÿ˜ A powerful write! I think it is very wise, Tony, to sit in the quiet and follow your intuition. โœจ Writing out pros and cons for each scenario is also helpful. How wonderful to have many options. Best wishes to you as you step toward a new direction. Exciting!

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  4. I am not in much of a transition now, but I was once at a great transition to move 900 miles to start my Masters program, and see if an old relationship could work out. Many told me that I had a secure job and a house with a low payment and I should stay put, or move near my family of origin. But instead of following my head, I followed my heart. Got my new degree which led to exciting career opportunities and the relationship – well, we had two lovely daughters and will celebrate 33 years together this month. I would suggest – listen to your heart (and a move toward adventure doesn’t hurt!).

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