The gravity of a poetic gift

A euphoric magnetic moment
listening to a poetess garden description
Looking into her picture eyes
I discovered a smiling prescription

Her beauty became surround sound
announced with a trumpets blow
Her misty vivid voice
soothe me so, I reached a higher plateau

Her orchestrated symphonic flow
gave me goosebumps and a glow
I laughed out loud
wondering did she know

Unashamed I hit repeat
for another cavity free treat
Then composed a piece of poetry
to make this euphoric moment complete

21 thoughts on “The gravity of a poetic gift

    • Wow! I love how you have taken the time to visit and read my various post. Thanks and much appreciation. And I am thrilled you loved the last poetic post. It was fun composing it! Have a wonderful day and blessed week Zinaβ™₯️

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