Without Prejudice

Listen without prejudice the story unfold
regardless of what you have been told
Because there is plenty stereotypes about man
perceived notions that I do not understand

So for the pain you feel, I apologize
no need, I do not patronize
I just want you to look beyond my eyes
to see my mind and heart can not be generalized

For I am more than willing to sacrifice
I have no problem with being gentle and nice

my very own heart is love guided
far from being one sided
Only concerned about receiving and deceiving
Not! Love is a two way street I keep believing

Even though my own kindness get misconstrued
due to other men misuse and abuse
Yet, I write with a mind sincere
In hopes that my considerate ways remove any fear

that I am the typical man
that slams bam and sing thank you mam
When in reality I am not into the fatal attraction
I am more in helping the mind reach its ultimate satisfaction

too old for flings and one night stands
believe it or not, I am no ordinary man
So, me treating women with respect is a promise
you’ll believe me, only if you read without prejudice

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