Without Prejudice

Listen without prejudice the story unfold
regardless of what you have been told
Because there is plenty stereotypes about man
perceived notions that I do not understand

So for the pain you feel, I apologize
no need, I do not patronize
I just want you to look beyond my eyes
to see my mind and heart can not be generalized

For I am more than willing to sacrifice
I have no problem with being gentle and nice

my very own heart is love guided
far from being one sided
Only concerned about receiving and deceiving
Not! Love is a two way street I keep believing

Even though my own kindness get misconstrued
due to other men misuse and abuse
Yet, I write with a mind sincere
In hopes that my considerate ways remove any fear

that I am the typical man
that slams bam and sing thank you mam
When in reality I am not into the fatal attraction
I am more in helping the mind reach its ultimate satisfaction

too old for flings and one night stands
believe it or not, I am no ordinary man
So, me treating women with respect is a promise
you’ll believe me, only if you read without prejudice

20 thoughts on “Without Prejudice

  1. Your writing protrays a sincere heart and the God given ability to pen it down in order to encourage. Sounds like you have learned how easy some can misunderstand you. What would you say is your spiritual gifting from the Lord?

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      • Finding out God had given me a gift that would lead me into a ministry that would bring me joy and help others was the start of spiritual growth for me. And, God never fails to use it. We have lived in several countries, and different states and each place a ministry came to me that fitted my gifting. I have the same gifts as you and we are Member Care Reps for our mission, Ethnos360. We are stateside now as our health is getting frail due to age but the gifting from God has never stopped working. I am never happier than when God is using me. Blessings on you brother.

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      • yes indeed! It is a blessing to be a blessing to others. Thank you very much for sharing with me… Here’s to you sister and the blessed assurance of one day hearing well done my good and faithful servant!


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