A heart issue displayed in Politics

A repented Heart
Turns from the offense
A truthful heart
Do not provide wickedness a defense

The coward heart
Remains on the fence
America needs a rebirth
Needs a wash and re-rinse

Racial disparity is not
A mystery nor is it a suspense
It is a discovered reality
That followed in sequence

Until one Nation
Has one identity
Racism will remain
The present reality
White, Black and other
Needs to be history

America, America, America
American should be the only box
But then the hen
Could not be tricked by the Fox.

12 thoughts on “A heart issue displayed in Politics

  1. I so appreciate your unique poetic style, Tony. It was a really enjoyable read. Lots of truth and wisdom there. You shine like a star. (Daniel 12:3) keep shining. We have a country awaiting us that doesn’t discriminate but embraces that all belong and are loved by God. ❤ I hope the rest of your week is full of truth and peace.

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    • Tina, I really appreciate you and thank you for your encouraging comment☺️ and truly we have a place awaiting us that knows no sorrow! May the peace of God surround you and his love continue to abound in you❤


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