Worth it: No sacrifice required?

How shall I resist
When my heart has made a wish
and my mind desires to seek it

Why? why did my yearning promise
if you, capture it
No sacrifice will exist

Now my feet persist
to walk the narrow road to you!

Note: I intended to leave room for readers interpretation. The you can be God or a emotional personification of joy, peace or forgiveness. Especially forgiveness, most do not want to, because they think it benefits the one that is forgiving…hmm.!?

20 thoughts on “Worth it: No sacrifice required?

  1. We both had forgiveness on our minds today. I’m usually pretty good about forgiving. I struggled in 2021 to get over a hurt, and that was toxic. I had to be the bigger person and make that phone to let it go, and I feel better for it.

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  2. Very nice Tony! I love your little note attached about room for interpretation. It’s so true that most don’t want to forgive because they think it benefits the one being forgiven. But really it just holds the person unwilling to forgive a prisoner to their own sin and prevents healing in there life. Forgiveness is a really beautiful thing for both people involved.

    Lovely thoughts. Thanks for expressing them with your beautiful poem and thought provoking note. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your week. I hope it inspires more lovely waves of thought.

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    • Tina, thank you very much. You surely are kindhearted💐❤️. You are absolutely right about the unforgiving person being held prisoner. I use to struggle with forgiveness myself, but the beautiful freedom found in it is rewarding.
      Tina, enjoy the rest of your week, and stay encouraged, because you are a beautiful blessing😊

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  3. Oh this is so beautiful, and I love your little note at the end…makes it even more special! I absolutely love this piece; your writing is always so magical, inspiring and wise. Thank you for this gem! I always look forward to your posts 🖤🤗✨

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    • M. L. the magnetic Michele. Thanks for leaving a message that lets me know the poem delivered. I was stuck with “on the narrow road to you”. it closed the poem in an abrupt way that was provoked that total me. Nevertheless, thank you and know that you are appreciated😘💐❤️

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      • “Magnetic Michele” – Love that, thanks!
        I can see why you were stuck on “… the narrow road to you.” Great phrase. Thank you for sharing your work and for showing appreciation. I am grateful. 😘💐❤️

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