Is my view Tinted or Tainted???

Choose a pair of glasses, now what shade of tint you want and the color of tint and now begin to view the world. What you see will be through that color and that darkness/light of those glasses. Sunglasses are to block the glare of the light. Some have fallen into the shadow of death, not wanting the truth of the light to shine.

What I am using is a metaphor for how we view things and begin to perceive them. What we recognize we energize and seek to realize (make a reality). I walk by faith desiring to make each step I take in Love: For God, myself and others. I declare three things shall remain: Faith, Hope and Love. Faith is something to do, Hope is something to look forward to and Love is someone/something to love. While on my journey others have a different view and try to get me to see through their sunglasses. Meaning they perceive the world is ugly, there is no one that can be trusted and people only care about themselves.

Now I refuse to turn to what they see, because it takes my faith and turn it into fear. It takes my peace and turn it into conflict. It takes my Love and turn it into Hate. Many people turn on the news just to see how many murders, riots and disasters have occurred to support what they have recognized. They become apart of that world of chaos. So when I say it sure is a beautiful day, they say it won’t last.

This is not a judgment, but just an observation. I can not say I am for peace, but only speak of things that disrupt peace. There is a balance that is needed. I am not saying go into denial, but become conscious of what you are choosing to recognize and how you become energized and begin to realize the power it holds on you! It is true, ugly things occur in this world, but it is also true a lot of beautiful things happen in this world.

I propose not to stick with one shade all the time and pick different colors and just maybe you can still hold dear to your faith, hope and love, while fear, doubt and hate is roaring and raging!

Peace, Love and Respect to all my fellow humans!

17 thoughts on “Is my view Tinted or Tainted???

  1. This was really wonderfully worded. I am a huge fan of metaphors, so I enjoyed the read. Balance is something I understand… but it’s still something I am striving for. Other people’s thoughts and opinions don’t affect me much. I can see things differently. It’s the battle in my mind that needs to be settled. God is working on it. Thanks for sharing.

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    • I will treasure this poetic response… “Wonderfully Word” lol, though I am glad you like metaphors. Sometime I am hesitant to use them, because some poetry leaves room for interpretatiion. I am extra thrilled that it was well received by you.

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      • Oh, I so agree! Metaphors definitely leave room for interpretation. They are a bit limiting. That’s something to think about when you want to communicate clearly. I probably use metaphors too often. *blush* 😁

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