Brighter Day…Get Away

Let me get away from stress
Let me get away from everyday regrets
Let me get away
Let me have a brighter day

A day to read some poetry
As nature provides background harmonies
With my eyes seemingly closed
With the river tickling my toes…

Let me get away from the conquer and destroy
Let me get away from guns played with like toys
Let me get away
Let me have a brighter day,

A day to lay naked with no insecurities
As there are no spoken cruelties
Making stillness the place to be
As I imagine the traveling on the road of simplicity…

Let me get away
Let me get away
Have a simple day,
Away from doomsday

Let me get away and escape to explore
Let me get away and on this world close the door
Let me get away
I have just had a brighter day!

Hopefully you the reader is having a brighter day
Or at least on your way to a brighter day.

21 thoughts on “Brighter Day…Get Away

  1. This is Beautiful! A brighter day get away is so needed right now. That escape and peace is something I need to and am working towards. Thanks for this reminder. Too often I get stuck on all my negative thoughts when I really need to give them to God and rest.

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    • Wow Tina! thanks for your feedback. I am honored and humbled. I must confess like you did that why I wrote it! I am trying to do what apostle paul said, to take captive any thought that exalts itself against the knowledge of Christ. In him is where our peace is! So thanks again and know your presence and comment is appreciated!


      • Awww… that makes me so happy to hear! My day feels brighter just knowing my comment made you feel this way. It’s a tough world out there, and we just all gotta keep spreading the love and encouragement around us as far and wide as we can. Hope you’re having a good weekend. 🙂


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