Wholehearted truth found in Love

The enlightenment of your heart
Led me to the truth

The realization of its’ essence: Love
This Love I partake of.

The acknowledgment and recognition
Brought me great joy
Like a rose bud
Opening its’ silky pedals
To the sheer delight of the sun’s warmth
The soft winds comfort

Yes, it has been revealed
Your love is enlightenment and truth
This path has been paved
With sharing thoughts
With caring actions
And visible sincere emotions.

The elements of love
The forces behind such

How could I not
Trust the truth
That shines so bright
With understanding
And lovely protection.

Your Heart has reached my heart!

18 thoughts on “Wholehearted truth found in Love

  1. YES! Love IS the key❣️❣️

    You are a wonderful wordsmith! I truly believe love is the key to everything.

    Your gentle remainders is exactly what the world needs. Shine on 🤩

    Liked by 1 person

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