Tragedy is an opportunity for Love

Knowing I can achieve the unbelievable

These eyes have seen what is considered unachievable

Witnessing many miracles

That hold the essence of what is spiritual

The mountain of understand I will climb

With the belief I am divine

Whether or not the world sees my shine

I got a song in my heart, I will be just fine

Tragedy is only an opportunity

For me to step up to the call of duty

Spread some love within my community

See today my heart, mind and soul is in unity

25 thoughts on “Tragedy is an opportunity for Love

    • I agree with you., but I am starting to move away from the rest, because others used it abuse and oppress other humans. Nevertheless, thanks for stopping by and leaving a meaningful comment. have a great weekend


  1. What I mean by ‘I am a human being first’, it does not matter where I was born or where I am living now.
    So many people say how proud they are to be, whatever they come from as if they had a choice in the matter. They also associate with the countrymen as a matter of preference.


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