My Temptress


You’ve been highly recommended by the Dream Weaver!
My aspirations are to cherish you
hold and know you intimately
I know the quality of being a heat seeker
I’m burning with intense feelings.

Your my aphrodisiac!!!

Around you my heart becomes animated
With thoughts of you my mind becomes brilliant.
Imagine the mood and music of my body.
Consider my environment and circumstances
You don’t have to ask me
what you have to offer me
What you’ve given me
Is the root of my flame revolution…

Now at this moment
our spirits are in a special place
Though I do not understand
there will be some stones in the road.
All that I do is confirmed by the desire
That I’ve been captured by.
Embracing what is eternal allows darkness
to swallow me up
the enlightenment of passion
supports my belief that I shall be
lead out by a voice of deliverance
and a glowing body of my self-reflection

Reaching for you is reaching for heaven.
Being touched by you
is being touched by an angel
My moon of a mind orbits you.
Fighting through nightly clouds
to let my presence be known.

Any questions?
It’s true, I still have eyes for you
Your still tempting me
to be more
to do more
and forever bless you with a smile

37 thoughts on “My Temptress

  1. I’m not sure why but the line ‘our spirits are in a special place’ reminded me of an Emily Bronte quote I read once and it goes ‘whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.’
    I really love the passion in this poem and well, I like all your poems really ☺️❤️

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      • yes I am even it is not poetry … I am evaluating an idea of mine about safety while travelling and my plans are to publish it hopefully this month … so its living with kind of everyday stress … like waiting for an end that brings new beginning. But we will see what it will bring.
        By the way I am following your site and to me its refreshing … I can just imagine how hard and exiting this work can be … again my compliments …

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