Make the choice

Love like hate
is a dominating force,
Fear like faith
is a visible course…

The shocking
The surprising
can steal your voice,
The loving
The faithful
is a cause to rejoice…

Faith expressing
itself through love
is a great choice…

Choose ye this day
to walk in love

47 thoughts on “Make the choice

    • thanks for the visit, your continuous support and inquiry… Ragazza, my inspiration is my desire not to let the negative forces and that which allows people to hurt people win. When we look around… we see the forces of hate and even the effects of fear doing damage… These are powerful forces, but love is a powerful force as well, but we tend not to stand on faith nor declare I won’t let this world nor them destroy the love in me nor conquer the faith I have… this recognize that hate is real and fear is created… but recognize love and faith we remained empowered and this is how we declare darkness can’t live in my heart nor my house… I know…I went on rambling, but I am passionate about this… Hopefully i have answered your question… ha ha… have a blessed day


  1. Wonderful post, beautifully written 🙏
    Lovely piece, Beautifully written
    On another note 📝… Congratulations!!!💜💜💜
    I have nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award.

    Check out the link on my Blog.

    InHisCare 🙏

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