My Wonderment

I sit here in my box wondering about the music we could make together, wondering what song would our spirits dance the best to, wondering what would one bright star say to the next bright star about our connection and wondering would the moon smile upon us. The wondering of wonders!

Yes Indeed! I’ve soared upon the wings of a dream…Mentally escaping this box that many find funny. I’ve laughed with them as well as at them. Yet, my spiritual awareness rebuked this fondness and I took this last journey seriously. For dreamers dream for a reason. Meaning dreams are to be manifested into reality. So the wonders of my wonder became wonderful. In my own language, them wondering questions have merit.

Now, do believe, I’m another man with the same face, gladly locked in another box. A box of beautiful opportunities that you and I share. Consciously you haven’t downloaded this perspective, but unconsciously you’re aware that we’re there. How you arrived there is not important to me nor mandatory that I know. Life has taught me to enjoy what can’t be explained and joyfully appreciate any grand encounter I didn’t count on.

Truth be told and but of course I’m going to tell it– what holds one attention today may very well seem to be a distraction tomorrow. So upon the wings of that very dream, I’ll scream for a brighter today and declare a brighter future where our existence is stitched together.

Now accept me a throne and I’ll expect you sit your royal butt upon me and rule with the music that we’ve made together. ha! ha! The world isn’t ready for that, but I am…


6 thoughts on “My Wonderment

  1. Ahh I often wonder to how all the comings happen.. and now I’ve learnt we truly beckon all that comes our way.. we just don’t recognize a lot of the times when ‘it’ arrives…
    I hope we are talking the same language!

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