A Mindful Expedition

Warning: these are ramblings. Poetic it may not be, but dots that I might be able to connect, or it could be missing pieces to your puzzle…Again these are ramblings…

Everything whether good or bad happens for a reason. Destiny or pre-destined. There’s no crystal ball to tell the story. When a person listens to their own heart they’ll know glory…

Beyond belief we the people tend to cheat ourselves. For fear is a false expectation appearing real…From the dark-side doubt creeps. What was known is an reconfigured riddle…

The way of the world is to desire a forbidden lover, chase runaway love and admire those who play in the playground of imagination. A book of dreams remain on the shelf; Get your fairy tale, come one come all, yet it is sold to the highest bidder…

Pronounce, shout or even mention affairs of the mind. Signify or Justify…How? Why? When? In hot pursuit without a clue: Testify or Rectify…

A major cause, minor effect… subjects in a heart of stone. Never surrender—-only sing a sad song the day you know how to be happy. Otherwise what’s the purpose? incomplete or depleted…

Today is the cause, but what is the effect of such is still in question or in session…

Go the distance—-being wise—respecting knowledge—-utilizing the back yard sense approach to life.!?

14 thoughts on “A Mindful Expedition

  1. I enjoyed reading this. I read it a few times, fast then slow, then at my normal reading pace. Each time the puzzle pieces shifted. To me, yes this is indeed a poem; one has to allow their mind to open and visualize, and to capture what it believes the words to meanβ€”as there are different doors to choose from. Thank you for sharing this!

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