The Road Less Traveled…

There’s a simplistic road beyond a serene sunset. Set in the basics of compassion. Many inspirational songs, books, speeches and poems have pronounced such. As I lean forward with the wisdom of remembering my spirit, I become hungry–not in a sense of digestible food, but in a harmony sense of being connected with the universe of unity. A place of peace where pleasure comes from tranquility and silence. Where there’s no need for the compass of communication nor the map of manipulation. This is not idealism! I’m not trying to create an utopia type of society. This paradise already exist and has a legacy of no other kind. In every generation there has been a few that discovered what I believe to be true.  With a generous heart and appreciation they shared their experience of spiritual ecstasy. No supplemental additives.

Were they chosen or did they do the choosing? Sounds mysterious or one can say mythical. Someone may say magical. In any event, there’s magic in mystery and mythology–at least those not formed on three headed dragons that win in the end. Speaking of that which ignites mutual admiration, no threat of harm nor fear. Yes!!! Back to the basics is the beginning of traveling the simplistic road. I’m almost enticed to call it the road home. Cause we as the human race and the natural beauties endowed around us, didn’t arrive nor derive out of disaster, confusion nor conflict. For even our bodies don’t function with such elements–disaster causes depression, trauma, Confusion comes from situations of tearful why questions; Conflict builds tension–Each stage weakens our immune system, which protects us from diseases. Happy! Happy! Happy feelings is what keeps us strong. This puts me in the mind of proverbs 15:30 A cheerful look brings joy to the heart and good news gives strength to the bones. (antidote: preventive medicine).

Look! don’t take my word for it. Challenge it–Set out to prove me wrong–Decide to let there be peace on your journey of getting back to the basics. You might be the next one to share the real in the unreal experience through book, song, speech or poem. Until then, I’ll continue to remember my spirit and get back to the basics.


11 thoughts on “The Road Less Traveled…

  1. Your words are so well articulated and the message is loud and clear… Like a wake up call… I see your mention of “the real in the unreal” and I must say you have honoured me and graced the phrase with your words! Thank you so much, poeticallyyours360! Your writing is a delight!

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  2. I am in agreement of your Back to the Basics message! And it is indeed a wonder whether those who now the taste of this space of pure peace are chosen for this Grace or they are gifted with the awareness for the choice. I agree this is not idealism. Those who fight it are just fighting a battle within. Your message is very clear and well-worded. Power to the awareness through them!

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