Love letters

Miss Queen of Words

Our connection is like a pipeline…the inhaling and exhaling. Our eyes lock and everything slows down, but the time. This is an outer-limits effect. Our connection is a humming energy that creates a beautiful song. It’s all instrumental…
When we speak with words we’re placed back into the flow of real time. We’re not as intoxicated as we were. We’re just tipsy. We know what exist for us when our spirits hold hands. Yet, we must function mainly in the flesh. While in the flesh we question what we know to be the truth in the spirit. We want to analyze it all, stepping to love altars with reason. Reason can never fully grasp the magnitude of what’s spiritual. We will always come up short. Just as in deep sea diving–even with the best equipment — it’s not humanly possible to know the depths of the ocean.
Right now I can only scratch the surface of why I smile upon seeing you and thinking about you. With the most brilliant of words I can not, because it’s deeply rooted and more than a physical attraction. It is spiritual in a psychic sense. It’s spiritual in the sense of seeing the writing on the wall that was written without a hand or instrument. Many see the writing, but a selected few or chosen one can translate it. So this too is beyond what my hand can write, and higher than what an opera singer can sing.
Yet, the connection is still not fully in its’ totality understood and never will be. That’s the magic of it all. If it can be explained it has become earthly.
So my dear fair lady, give what we have any name you want. I’m just glad to be in this situation. Now tell me, how does it feel to be an Oasis in the desert.

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