Session of Therapeutic Expression

Poetically purposeful I aim to be
A poetic philosopher I claim to be

Sincerely significant poetry I promote
objective adjectives are the adrenaline antidote
When my ink runs out, I clear my throat
Begin blissfully to recite like I’m sinking in a boat

Running words together that sound compound
Artificial articulation I’m bound to drown

There’s no supplement for authentic communication
See poetry sometimes is self-talk looking for conversation

A truism is a trite idea or expression
Is rhyming an addiction or only my obsession
I’m only casually consumed with confessions
This has been therapeutic…I’m guessing
For me, for you. too late for questions
I write to recite and to learn a lesson
Exclamation point
I have to end this session

27 thoughts on “Session of Therapeutic Expression

    • Bridgette, I am glad you love it! It would take some work to make it into a rap!🤗Is that the type of music you listen to and can you rap.!?
      thanks for reading and much appreciation for you sharing your thoughts with me. ☺️🌷 Is that the type

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh okay, that is good to know! I listen to all types of music as well. I am actually working on a rap song and am looking for a singer.
        Yeah song lyrics have to be measured, because of the melody. You can sing too.☺️
        Thanks for engaging Bridgette, have a wonderful weekend❤️🌹

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  1. Tony!! This is just AMAZING!!! It’s like poetry and music in one…two of my favorite bh things by one of my favorite artists!!! The rhythm and the flow is electric and brings a smile to the heart. Amazingly well done, my dear friend. This poem is definitely one I’ll revisit 🙌🏻🤗🖤


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