Anyhow Anyway w/audio

No dismay…I received a smile today
No dismay…I was able to smile today
Faced with challenges, it’s okay
faced with disappointments it’s okay
Nothing took my breath away
Today is a good day
I smile through it all
anyhow anyway
It’s okay to smile today
anyhow anyway
It’s okay to get bad news
and still, have a good day
It’s okay
Nothing took my breath away
I smiled anyhow anyway

What’s your forte
is there a thirst you must obey
A thirst to be okay
A thirst to smile today
Then create a smiling decree
Sing the song that brings tranquility
See it is okay
Nothing has taken your breath away
So anyhow anyway
make today a good day!

39 thoughts on “Anyhow Anyway w/audio

  1. Awesome. Inspiring and a beautiful reminder to smile no matter what. Life will always surprise us with the good-bad-and-in-between, if we can smile through it all then we’ll have the outlook that you’ve described in this piece. 🌞 it’s aspirational 🌞

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  2. This gave me a subtle smile, reminding me of when I discovered the value of a true smile that becomes the gift of the day. A smile that comes regardless of joy or pain – gives us an assurance that today is a good day. Deeply beautiful poem!

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